Transforming Supply Chain Management

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From a Tech Giant to a Lean Startup: The Story of Sensos

Sensos was founded by Sony Semiconductors to develop a global, cellular-based solution to shipment visibility. Leveraging our access to cutting-edge IoT technology, we developed the world’s first globally connected cellular label.

And it worked.

As enthusiasm around the new product grew and applications extended to diverse use cases, we understood that data alone cannot solve the challenges of supply chain management: the suboptimal transportation, the unreliable ETA’s, the excess inventories, the damage, loss and theft of products on the route, and perhaps most of all- the excess production that’s penalizing our clients’ bottom line and trashing the planet.

So we set out to build a full stack solution for supply chain management: a solution that includes real time data capture, insightful analytics and AI/ML powered execution support. A solution that requires no infrastructure and can digitize complex supply chains in a matter of weeks.

We called in Sync (because it synchronizes supply chains 😊).

In 2022, as market demand grew, it became clear that it’s time for us to leave our nest. Sensos become an independent startup and received funding from some of the leading investors in the logistics industry to pursue our vision.

Since then, the company has helped dozens of shippers digitize their supply chain without needing to invest in any infrastructure.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Sensos continues to innovate with solutions that empower logistics teams to be proactive in making their supply chains more efficient.

We are on the lookout for new talent!