The First Globally Connected Cellular Label

The Sensos Label is a tiny device that solves supply chain visibility.

Comprehensive Telemetry

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Location Tracking

The Sensos Label tracks shipments worldwide, providing real-time accurate location and geofencing alerts.

Smart Motion Detection

Smart Motion sensor detects movement and dwell, acceleration and shock, and alerts whenever your shipment is at risk.

Temperature Monitoring

Protect sensitive shipments with end-to-end temperature monitoring and configurable alerts. GDP-compliant model available for Cold-Chain Pharma and BioMed use cases.

Automatic Open/Closed Detection

A unique sensor detects parcel open/close to support tamper protection and automatic proof of consumption.


Designed with simplicity in mind


No need to insert the label into the package: the Sensos label can be applied with ease on the outside of any flat surfaced parcel.

Size Compatibility

Credit-card size and paper-thin, the Sensos Label eliminates the too-common problem of bulgy trackers being knocked off. Stacking packages is permitted and does not affect the label’s functionality.


Once applied- no additional setup is required. The label is automatically activated when applied and immediately starts reporting based on a pre-provisioned connectivity.


Reverse logistics not needed: the label is designed for single use and can be disposed of at the end of the journey.

Configurable, Adaptive and Smart

The Sensos Label is designed to save time and money for logistics teams

Agile Configuration Management

Easily configure any single label or a batch from the browser in seconds.

Smart Reporting

Easily define triggers for immediate, real time alerts. Log and transmit data at any frequency between 10 minutes to once a month, based on predefined business logic.

Supporting any Supply Chain use case

With an operating life of three years, the Sensos label can support any use case from time-critical shipments to inventory and asset management.

Cargo-compliant “Air Safe” Technology

The Sensos Label does not require a pre-flight declaration and is approved safe for flight by over 40 tier-one air freight providers.

GDP compliant

The Cold Chain version of the label is uses sensors that are certified for ISO 17027 Calibration.

Technical Specifications


107mm x 72mm

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating


Communication Type


Global coverage

in 180+ countries

Environmental Conditions

-30 to 60
(ATEX certified for -20 to 55)

Temperature Accuracy

±0.5 (NIST-Traceable)

Location Method

Cellular-Based + Satellite-Based(GPS)



Ready to try it out?

Implementing Sensos is fast and requires no changes to your supply chain infrastructure.


What is the lifetime of the Sensos Tracking Label?

The shelf life of the Sensos Label is up to 5 years.

The operational life of the label is up to 3 years, based on the use case. The number of messages sent largely determines how long the label can continue to function, our tests show the label can send thousands of messages before exhausting the battery.

Can the label be reused?

While the label can be reused, it was designed as a disposable, single-use device as to avoid the need for reverse logistics.

Can the Sensos Label report data while at sea/in air?

The Sensos Label can only communicate when cellular coverage is available, meaning it cannot transmit information while airborne or at sea.
The label continues to monitor shipment information during flight and sail and sends this information as soon as cellular signal is available again- after landing or when arrived close to shore.

What is the location accuracy of the Sensos Label?

The location accuracy of the Sensos Label varies depending on the use case.

  • When using cellular tower triangulation the accuracy is ~1Km.
  • When using Satellite Navigation the location accuracy is ~10m.

Since Satellite navigation is power-demanding, the label toggles between methods based on business requirements and the phase of the journey.
For example, in the “last mile” phase of the shipment clients often require accurate, GPS-based location.

Does Sensos Label require reverse logistics?

No reverse logistics required: the Sensos Label is designed for single use. When the shipment is complete the label can be disposed in any battery or electronic recycle bin according to local regulations.