Putting Logistic Teams in Control

Sensos Sync helps logistics teams perform better with less effort by easily synchronizing their supply chains- from production to delivery and even consumption.

A Proactive Control Tower

Move from solving problems to avoiding them altogether

Sensos interprets millions of data points in real time to present a simple, actionable snapshot of your supply chain.

Smart Alerts

Filter out the noise and receive real-time alerts only on events that impact your shipments or their ETA: unauthorized location, unplanned movement/dwell, irregular temperature, shock, tilt and parcel open/close.

Built for Scale

Easily cut through the noise with business-driven filters, monitoring and optimizing hundreds of concurrent shipments with ease.

Built for Teams

Assign issues to colleagues, add time-stamped notes to shipments to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Comprehensive Shipment history

Auditing incidents and excursions is quick and reliable with all relevant information just a click away.

Shipping Intelligence

Integrate information from your sources to one control tower to enable proactive problem solving.

Turning Data into Business Value

Optimizing the supply chain is an ongoing effort. Sensos makes it easy.

Tailored dashboards

Keep track of the most important KPI’s for your business.

Shipping Intelligence

Integrating data from shipments, ERP/WMS systems and third party sources to compose a comprehensive view of the supply chain.

Logistic Benchmarking

Visualize supply chain performance to help optimize processes, routes and vendor relations.

Multiple Integration Options

From fast, no-code integrations like Email to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Versatile across use cases

Shipment Tracking and Monitoring

Prevent loss and damage on the way and predict more accurate ETA’s

Remote Inventory Management

Follow consigned inventory management and support production planning

Asset Management

Easy follow valuable assets anywhere in the world

Ready to try it out?

Implementing Sensos is fast and requires no changes to your supply chain infrastructure.


What is the lifetime of the Sensos Tracking Label?

The shelf life of the Sensos Label is up to 5 years.

The operational life of the label is up to 3 years, based on the use case. The number of messages sent largely determines how long the label can continue to function, our tests show the label can send thousands of messages before exhausting the battery.

Can the label be reused?

While the label can be reused, it was designed as a disposable, single-use device as to avoid the need for reverse logistics.

Can the Sensos Label report data while at sea/in air?

The Sensos Label can only communicate when cellular coverage is available, meaning it cannot transmit information while airborne or at sea.
The label continues to monitor shipment information during flight and sail and sends this information as soon as cellular signal is available again- after landing or when arrived close to shore.

What is the location accuracy of the Sensos Label?

The location accuracy of the Sensos Label varies depending on the use case.

  • When using cellular tower triangulation the accuracy is ~1Km.
  • When using Satellite Navigation the location accuracy is ~10m.

Since Satellite navigation is power-demanding, the label toggles between methods based on business requirements and the phase of the journey.
For example, in the “last mile” phase of the shipment clients often require accurate, GPS-based location.

Does Sensos Label require reverse logistics?

No reverse logistics required: the Sensos Label is designed for single use. When the shipment is complete the label can be disposed in any battery or electronic recycle bin according to local regulations.